Style & Cohesion - Styling is Personal

Posted by Karen Wooding on November 20, 2019

StylingStyle & cohesion in your home is all about ensuring what ‘looks good’ is also functional and suits your family's lifestyle. This balance is challenging. It’s through these choices of colour and accessories that your personality will be highlighted. The best way to make an impression is usually through a feature or features, and these are highlighted by keeping the rest of the room simple and contemporary, this will help them stand out. When thinking of cohesion it’s a great idea to think about keeping a couple of the following elements the same throughout your home - your lighting style,...

Style & Cohesion - Colours Colours Colours

Posted by Karen Wooding on November 13, 2019

Adding personality and making your home feel cohesive is all about finding your own unique style and sticking to it. Having a set colour scheme creates consistency and connects each room to each other. The key is not to mix too many colours, the colour scheme should only consist of between 3 to 5 different colours. This usually consists of a primary/base - the dominant colour which will be used throughout the house. The secondary colour, which is your complementary colour, will be 50% or less throughout your space, for example, all your window coverings. The formula for this is...

2019 Christmas cut-off dates

Posted by Karen Wooding on November 11, 2019

2019 Christmas cut-off date: Saturday 30th November 2019 Orders placed after Saturday 30th November will not be delivered until late January 2020. We would like to wish you a safe and Merry Christmas! 

Style & Cohesion - Creating a Vision

Posted by Karen Wooding on November 06, 2019

It is important when planning and carrying out any renovation to add personality to your space while also maintaining a feeling of cohesiveness, flow, & balance.A great way to not get ‘lost’ when renovating is to create a vision board or an idea-book of what you want your reno to look like. This is a great way to keep all of your pictures and notes in one place, a place to stick all the ‘bits and pieces’ you want to include in your home, as well as the things you might one day want to add. The idea book is...

Dear stress, Let’s break up - Renovation break down

Posted by Karen Wooding on October 14, 2019

Breaking projects into manageable chunks/stages is a good place to start, having a plan, budget & overall style will help with all aspects of your project right down to choosing the right fittings and fixtures. Start with a floor plan, it’s important the space is well planned to fit everything that is needed while still maintaining a nice sense of space.Your plan and budget will be dependent on whether you are renovating to sell, or planning to live in the house.**Tip - It is important to stay true to your own style and not to get caught up in fads...