It is important when planning and carrying out any renovation to add personality to your space while also maintaining a feeling of cohesiveness, flow, & balance.

A great way to not get ‘lost’ when renovating is to create a vision board or an idea-book of what you want your reno to look like. This is a great way to keep all of your pictures and notes in one place, a place to stick all the ‘bits and pieces’ you want to include in your home, as well as the things you might one day want to add. The idea book is a great way to help keep you focused on the big picture.

How you create your vision board / idea-book depends on what appeals to you the most. You can do it digitally through using an app like Houzz & Pinterest, or you can gather your samples & magazine clippings together & glue or pin them in a book. The act of creating a physical book is great for people who like to be tactile as they can see and feel the textures and how they all go together. This can help in the long run when it comes to making any kind of purchases for your reno project.

Once you have started to gather your ideas, it will become easy to see how you can create cohesion throughout your home, all the way out to your outdoor entertainment area, by thinking about repeating variations of the same patterns or textile styles. Your idea-book will become an important ‘renovation tool’ and will be your reference guide - an easy source to refer to BEFORE going out making impulsive purchases. Your idea-book will help you discover the themes that inspire you and will help you to choose colours and textures that inject energy and personality into any space.