What if we want a design different to the website designs & prices?

You can email your specific measurements & some photos of the opening to info@spacemakerwardrobes.com.au & we will be happy to send you a quote.

Do you come out & do measure & quotes?

No, we are an online business and all of our standard designs & prices are on our website, along with instructions on how to measure and design your own spaces.

What will I need to do if I am installing doors onto tiles/polished floor/floating/vinyl or laminate planks?

The bottom door track can be directly fixed onto any of these floor types.

What will I need to do if I am fitting my doors onto carpet?

You will need to order from us (or from your local Bunnings) a 90 x 19 floor batten which will be screwed to the side jams before the doors are fitted.

Will I need to advise what my floor type is where the doors are being installed?

Yes, there is a drop down box on the order/measurements page to record this information.

What are the wardrobe door top & bottom track sizes?

Both top & bottom tracks are 83mm wide.

How do I remove the doors from the box?

You will need to carefully lift each door from the end where the wheels are located & gently slide the door from the box.

What will I need to unpack my order?

You will need a reversible drill or screwdriver to remove screws from the top of the box.

How will my order be packaged?

All of our orders are fully packaged in a sturdy box for freight transportation. If you live within 200km radius from the Gold Coast in Queensland your order will be hand delivered without packaging.

What measurements do you require?

We require the opening dimensions where the doors are going to be fitted - please refer to our ‘How to Measure’ page under ‘Support’.

Do the doors come with side jams & bulkheads?

No, jams & bulkheads are not included in our prices. If these items are required, you will need to send an enquiry from our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Do the doors come with tracks & wheels etc?

Yes, door prices include top & bottom tracks & fully assembled doors ready to install.

Can I have different door inserts in the same opening?

Yes, to do this you need to select gyprock or vinyl doors then select add a mirror door to the opening in the drop down box.

Do you make doors to suit our opening sizes?

All our doors/products are custom made to suit your measurements.