Dear stress, Let’s break up - Renovation break down

Dear stress, Let’s break up - Renovation break down

Breaking projects into manageable chunks/stages is a good place to start, having a plan, budget & overall style will help with all aspects of your project right down to choosing the right fittings and fixtures. Start with a floor plan, it’s important the space is well planned to fit everything that is needed while still maintaining a nice sense of space.

Your plan and budget will be dependent on whether you are renovating to sell, or planning to live in the house.

**Tip - It is important to stay true to your own style and not to get caught up in fads or current looks and trends as they can fade.

There are a few key areas to focus on (depending on your budget & whether you are selling or not). The exterior is the first thing everyone sees so it is vital that you get this right as it adds value to your home. It's important to stick to one style - either go heritage or modern but ensure you’re consistent throughout the project. A cost effective way to add some colour & excitement can easily be done with a few accessories such as street numbers, letter boxes & plants as the final touch.

As they say on all the reno shows - kitchen & bathrooms sell houses, so most renos will include a new kitchen.

These days with the multitude of new gadgets available for kitchens & bathrooms it is easy to go overboard with spending but always try not to over-capitalise on your renovation.

DIY-ing wherever you can is a great way to save money on your reno. Try DIY spray painting the benchtop, the backsplash, & the kitchen doors, or just by replace the old hardware & tapware with modern fittings can be enough to bring it into the 21st century. Don’t forget the kitchen appliances, these are an important consideration, and you can always save money by buying them in a bundle.

Outdated bathrooms can also receive the DIY treatment so as not to over capitalise. DIY spray paint bathroom tiles and bathtubs, try to keep all of the plumbing & buy second-hand fixtures & fittings if you need to. If replacing tiles go larger, and being smart about which way you lay them (horizontally or vertically) you can make the space look either taller or wider, giving the illusion of space.

Flooring is something you really need to try to get right as there are no quick fixes, but flooring doesn’t have to be expensive. These days there are so many cost effective choices, especially with vinyl planks and now hybrid flooring.

Using one flooring material throughout your home, with the exception of the laundry and bathroom, will create a seamless flow and sense of cohesiveness. Carpet is being used less & less due to allergies, maintenance & animals, whereas tiles & floorboards or vinyl planks are easy to clean & give the illusion of space.

When it comes to other areas that add value, heating & cooling are a basic expectation. Reverse cycle air conditioning is efficient & low in cost to run, but you do need to ensure the system is correctly sized for the space. A ducted system is great as a whole home solution.

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