Stephen Pacey

Post children renovations, been there yet? Small 4 X 3 m2 bedrooms. The built in wardrobe in the master I'd constructed years ago was a through the wall job and needed a major facelift. Most of all those hinged doors had to go! Searched locally for product and advice and came up blank so turned to online with not much satisfaction until I came across Spacemaker Wardrobes.

What a surprise to find such a comprehensive website. Almost too good to be true so I phoned them up and spoke to Jim. So helpful. All I had to do was supply the door space opening measurements and select the type of door from a comprehensive selection and yes the price was for the complete set not just a single door. Great service and value. I decided to purchase two identical sets even though the second bedroom was a way of being ready.

Installation was a piece of cake and took only minutes with the result more professional than I could ever take credit for. Cannot recommend highly enough.

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