Clear your mind... and your space!

Clear your mind... and your space!

Life is so busy these days, it’s easy to become surrounded by clutter. Perhaps it's those magazines that keep piling up, or the seemingly endless supply of McDonald’s happy meal toys that spew forth from the kids room but we all have ‘stuff’ in our life that does not need to be there.

In Feng Shui, clutter is stagnant and confusing energy that blocks the flow of events in your life. It’s true, we often have those ‘hot spots’ around our house that seem to attract clutter. Unfortunately, as clutter builds, it becomes harder and harder to get on top of. Feng Shui experts recommend doing a ‘deep space clearing’ at least once a year, but in the meantime, many suggest creating harmonious environments where everything has a place.

It is much easier, for example, if the family knows that mail belongs in the office in-tray to train our habits to put it there immediately, rather than it becoming lost in a pile on the kitchen bench. Similarly, even the smallest of children can assist in preventing clutter if they know that the toy box at the end of the bed is where their stuffed toys live when not in use. The key is reinforcing behaviours until they become habit; not allowing those trouble spots to build clutter by applying the contemporary Feng Shui practise of space clearing immediately and often.

By creating positive habits, and embracing the flylady’s principal of ‘just do it now’, we can keep our spaces clear, ensuring positive and harmonious energies in our homes.

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