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Spacemaker Wardrobes

Door Set (Laundry - 08/06/2024, 12:13:00 pm)

Door Set (Laundry - 08/06/2024, 12:13:00 pm)

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Custom product created at 06/08/2024 02:12:59.
Description: List of products: mirror-softline-2700h-750w mirror-softline-2700h-750w mirror-softline-2700h-750w

LAUNDRY - 08/06/2024, 12:13:00 PM

2180mm (Top Width), 2180mm (Bottom Width), 2670mm (Left Height), 2670mm (Right Height), double (track Style), existing floor batten (doors are setting on), white (frame color), standard (frame style), 3 (doors)

Top Width: 2180mm
Bottom Width: 2180mm
Left Height: 2670mm
Right Height: 2670mm
Track Style: double
Doors are sitting on: existing floor batten
Add floor batten: No
Frame Style: standard
Frame Color: white
Number of Doors 3

  • Door#01mirror (insert)
  • Door#11mirror (insert)
  • Door#21mirror (insert)
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