In order to create our new Instructional Videos, we needed to purchase some equipment. The range was overwhelming and we soon realised we needed a project planning system to ensure that we got what we needed within our price range and were able to achieve the outcome we desired. What a learning curve! Over the next couple of weeks, this series of blog posts will share our major learning with you in the hope that you, too, can achieve your project goals. These are things we found important to think about. Please note, the depth described in these posts will probably be more relevant to our builder and carpenter clients, but could certainly be adapted to a home project.

8 Essential Steps of Project Planning

  1. Define the project, including the objectives and understand your client’s expectations
  2. Create a scope document
  3. Describe the product and define the deliverables
  4. Identify your team and other stakeholders
  5. Make a schedule
  6. Create a workflow which includes milestones and implementations dates
  7. Communicate Effectively
  8. Include & create work/life balance
Tune in next week to check out the first 2 steps on my list, then over the next couple of weeks I will post more steps....