Keith Read

"Good afternoon, Jim

After all my hassling you regarding delivery of my wardrobe, I just want to say that it was worth the wait. You have an excellent product and both my wife and myself couldn't be happier with our new wardrobe.

The packing of it for delivery was excellent and it arrived without a mark and safely in one piece. All the parts fitted perfectly and, apart from a problem caused by me thinking that I had made an error in my initial measurements, it all went together without any hassles. The old adage of measure twice, cut once applies when I'd put up the end panel in the wrong place and wondered why the door battens wouldn't fit. That was easily rectified and the doors went in perfectly.

If there is one criticism I can make and please take this as constructive criticism, it is in the Installation Guide. I realise it is difficult to cover all areas in a generic manual, however, in my case, the guide didn't mention how to install the LH End Panel. I'm a bit of a DIY'er and had a tradesman for a father and managed to work it out but some people may have difficulty if they are not a tradesman or DIY'er and, like me, follow instructions for things like these flat packs to the letter. Also there was no mention of fitting the Gable supports to the gable before hanging it (step 8) or any indication of how the adjusters on the Gable supports work (apart from the photos which were excellent, by the way, and very helpful). Perhaps instructions on fitting the other fittings such as rod supports on the gables before hanging them would be useful as I found screwing the rod supports in after hanging the gables a bit tricky at times. A sheet with photos/diagrams of the screws with a description may also be useful for the people who don't know what a 6 gauge x 38 mm screw looks like. Having written a lot of user and training manuals over the years, I have found that you often have to write them for "dummies" and virtually spell out everything!

Overall, you have an excellent product and I won't hesitate in letting other people know about your company if they are looking for a wardrobe. Keep up the good work!"

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