5 / 5

"Very easy to order my doors. Whole service was convenient, and I'm pleased overall with Spacemaker."

on 30 November 2013. Sent via Email .

5 / 5

"Hi Jim, the cupboard is really good mate. Couldn't be happier with it. Thanks heaps."

on 13 October 2013. Sent via Email .

5 / 5

"Good afternoon, Jim

After all my hassling you regarding delivery of my wardrobe, I just want to say that it was worth the wait. You have an excellent product and both my wife and myself couldn't be happier with our new wardrobe.

The packing of it for delivery was excellent and it arrived without a mark and safely in one piece. All the parts fitted perfectly and, apart from a problem caused by me thinking that I had made an error in my initial measurements, it all went together without any hassles. The old adage of measure twice, cut once applies when I'd put up the end panel in the wrong place and wondered why the door battens wouldn't fit. That was easily rectified and the doors went in perfectly.

If there is one criticism I can make and please take this as constructive criticism, it is in the Installation Guide. I realise it is difficult to cover all areas in a generic manual, however, in my case, the guide didn't mention how to install the LH End Panel. I'm a bit of a DIY'er and had a tradesman for a father and managed to work it out but some people may have difficulty if they are not a tradesman or DIY'er and, like me, follow instructions for things like these flat packs to the letter. Also there was no mention of fitting the Gable supports to the gable before hanging it (step 8) or any indication of how the adjusters on the Gable supports work (apart from the photos which were excellent, by the way, and very helpful). Perhaps instructions on fitting the other fittings such as rod supports on the gables before hanging them would be useful as I found screwing the rod supports in after hanging the gables a bit tricky at times. A sheet with photos/diagrams of the screws with a description may also be useful for the people who don't know what a 6 gauge x 38 mm screw looks like. Having written a lot of user and training manuals over the years, I have found that you often have to write them for "dummies" and virtually spell out everything!

Overall, you have an excellent product and I won't hesitate in letting other people know about your company if they are looking for a wardrobe. Keep up the good work!"

on 06 August 2013. Sent via Email .

5 / 5

Just a short unsolicited thank you. Product arrived well packaged and as described. It was simple to install (instructions easy to follow) and works a treat. Overall your service was great from go to whoa.
Thanks again"

on 28 July 2013. Sent via Email .

5 / 5

"Jim, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your work. The mirror doors are perfect and took a whole 10 minutes to fully install- they run smoothly and quietly. It was just what I wanted. I have been very impressed with your work and your service. I know I made the right choice when I chose Spacemaker."
on 05 July 2013. Sent via Email .

5 / 5

"My husband and I agree that this was the best home improvement job we have done since we have moved into our new home. It was also one of the cheapest jobs we have done, but it made such a difference. The new doors created a space in our garage where we can store all our junk without having to look at it each time we are in the garage."

on 26 May 2013. Sent via Email .

5 / 5

"I received and installed my wardrobes the other weekend. Double sliding coloured class doors (2.3M wide) with wardrobe fit out inside.

Installation was simple and quick – all complete in less than a day. A little more complex than Ikea but very manageable. Components all fitted perfectly and the finished product looks great.

Being custom made the whole space for the wardrobe was fully utilised with maximum storage provided.

Things to watch. Make sure your base plate is absolutely level and the rest of the as frame square as possible and there are no bows in the door jams before fitting."

on 20 May 2013. Sent via Email .

5 / 5

"I recently ordered some sliding doors from Spacemaker Wardrobes and was extremely happy with the product I received.

Originally I had an issue with my cupboard because a wall was not straight, Spacemaker were able to manufacture the door to allow for the crooked wall. On fitting the doors I was extremely happy to find the door fitted perfectly and were made to the exact specifications I had ordered."

on 18 May 2013. Sent via Email .

5 / 5

"Thanks Spacemaker Wardrobes! Extremely happy! Great communication, delivered a brilliant product as promised on time. Thanks to your on line instructions, the robe doors were easy to fit and look great. Our walk through robe is now extremely tidy and looks awesome."

on 28 April 2013. Sent via Email .

5 / 5

"Hi Jim,
A busy weekend for me and I managed to finish the Wardrobe. I am very happy with how turned out. The VJ timber blends it very well.

I did add a little extra timber on the top of the Top VJ Panel so I could fix it to the roof, just to make sure it didn't move, otherwise it all worked out of the box :)

The only issue I have is the shelves are too short, that is my fault, it is because the shelves along with everything else were built to fit up against a flat wall, I think I will order longer shelves when I do my next room renovation, in the mean time we will just remember not to push things over the back :)"

on 02 April 2013. Sent via Email .